Work Injury

Employees who are injured while at work can request Workers’ Compensation benefits, which cover the injured workers’ medical treatment and a percentage of the wages lost because of the injury. Workers may also get such benefits when a work-related injury aggravates or triggers the symptoms of a pre-existing condition.

However, Workers’ Compensation does not cover other types of harm that an injury may cause—such as pain and suffering or related emotional distress. In some cases, when an injury was caused by someone other than the victim’s employer, people who suffer work-related injuries may be able to seek full compensation for all the harm they suffered, by filing a personal injury claim. The injured worker would then have to show that his or her injury was caused by someone else’s negligence, or by the use of a defective product.

In some cases, where the injury was caused by a combination of factors but the injured worker may have failed to follow the procedures required by Workers’ Compensation law, a personal injury claim may be the only path available to a monetary recovery.

The personal injury attorneys at Ronai & Ronai, LLP have helped many injured workers get substantial settlements for injuries caused by accidents such as slipping and falling while at work. Construction site accidents in particular can lead to severe injuries and even death; our attorneys have successfully represented many construction workers, as well as families of construction workers who were killed, where the family members were pursuing a claim of wrongful death. We have also reached successful outcomes on behalf of workers injured by job-related exposure to hazardous materials, including asbestos.

Some people mistakenly believe that Workers’ Compensation is the only remedy available for a work injury. If you have suffered such an injury, instead of making an assumption that may cost you, please call us today for a free consultation. As experienced personal injury attorneys, we can provide a knowledgeable and realistic evaluation of your personal situation. And, if we represent you, we won’t charge you a fee unless we obtain compensation for your injuries.

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