Defective Products

All of us have heard about recalls of products that injured people: Medicines that proved to have harmful effects, cribs with parts that allowed infants’ heads to get stuck, cars with faulty brake systems, etc. When a person is injured by the use of a defective product, that person can seek financial compensation for the resulting harm. Such compensation would cover the person’s medical bills, lost wages, and other economic losses related to the injuries caused by the defective product; it would also cover the victim’s pain and suffering, as “translated” into a financial amount.

Products may be defective in three different ways: they may be defectively manufactured; they may be designed in a way that makes them unsafe even when properly manufactured; or they might be accompanied by “defective” warnings. Whether the defective product is a banister or a toy, a food item or a power tool, a car tire or a pool cover, if you were injured by that product you can claim compensation from the product’s manufacturer, as well as from various suppliers in the chain that ultimately brought the product to you.

If you or someone you love has been seriously injured by a defective product in New York, you should discuss your case with an experienced New York personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Our society expects manufacturers and merchants to bear the costs created by any unsafe products that they sell; you should not have to bear the consequences of the injury alone.

At Ronai & Ronai LLP, our attorneys have been representing New York residents injured by defective products since 1996. We are prepared to bring together a team of experts, advocates, and support staff that will build the strongest case possible on your behalf. We are not afraid to go to trial, when that is the best option. We work tirelessly to get prompt compensation for our injured clients—and we get paid only if our clients do get compensated.

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