Burns / Scars

Burns are extremely painful, and even small burns can leave disfiguring scars. As experienced personal injury attorneys, we know that various treatments for severe burns are very expensive, require a lot of time, and involve a lot of pain. Such treatments may include skin grafting and other types of surgery, and require long hospitalizations. Afterward, scar-removal procedures may require additional investments of time and money, and generate additional pain.

If you suffered burns in a variety of situations, including car accidents, train accidents, and worksite accidents, you may be able to seek compensation for your medical bills, for your pain and suffering, for the emotional distress that you’ve endured a result of your injuries and disfigurement, for lost wages, and more. If your burn was caused by a defective product, you may also pursue compensation from the manufacturer and suppliers of the defective product.

However, since the recovery from burns often takes a long time, you may not have the time and energy required to investigate thoroughly the circumstances of your injury, to gather evidence, to file the necessary paperwork, and to negotiate and argue with insurance adjusters or attorneys who try to limit the amount of compensation paid out.

If you are receiving treatment for burns and scars caused by someone else’s negligence or by the use of a defective product, you need an experienced, caring, and effective attorney on your side. The New York personal injury attorneys at Ronai & Ronai LLP have been helping injured people reach successful settlements and verdicts since 1996. If you entrust us with your representation, we will work tirelessly to reach the best outcome for your situation, promptly and efficiently. We will team up with experts and with our professional support staff to build the strongest case possible on your behalf—and we don’t get paid unless you get compensated for your injuries.

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