Hazardous Materials Exposure

Any of us may be exposed to hazardous materials, in public spaces or in our own homes (asbestos, for example, is found in many homes throughout the U.S.). However, workers in some industries are more likely to be exposed to such materials while on the job, over extended periods of time.

Exposure to hazardous materials can lead to serious illnesses. When workers are injured as a result of such exposure, they may seek Workers’ Compensation benefits; however, they may also be able to pursue additional financial compensation from the manufacturers of the hazardous substances, or from other entities that may have been involved in the exposure. Such compensation would address damages that Workers’ Compensation doesn’t cover—such as the pain and suffering caused by a serious illness.

If you suspect that you were exposed to hazardous materials and that the exposure made you ill, you should discuss you situation with a personal injury attorney who is experienced in this area of the law. Once you discover a possible connection between the exposure and your illness, you have a limited amount of time within which to bring a claim for compensation; after that period expires, your claim would be dismissed.

Various federal and state regulations require employers to give employees information regarding every hazardous chemical known to be present in a particular workplace, if that chemical might be released. In addition, if employees are exposed to hazardous materials, their employers are required to keep records of those incidents. An attorney familiar with those and similar regulations would therefore be in a better position to gather evidence of any exposure that you may have suffered; an experienced personal injury attorney will also be able to gather and present expert testimony about the effects of such exposure.

At Ronai & Ronai LLP, our attorneys have a track record of successful outcomes in cases involving New York residents injured as a result of exposure to hazardous materials. We also work with families whose loved ones lost their lives as a result to such exposure; in such situations, family members may pursue a wrongful death claim. We work tirelessly to get prompt compensation for our clients—and we get paid only if our clients get compensated.

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