Lead Paint Poisoning

Lead is a highly toxic material present in a variety of household products, including lead-based paints that were used in homes throughout the U.S. for many years. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, lead-based paint is one of the major sources of lead poisoning in children as well as adults.

Children under the age of six are the most likely victims and suffer some of the worst damage from lead paint poisoning. As a result of eating paint chips or breathing dust that contains lead, children may suffer brain damage, delays in physical and mental development, and negative effects on their attention span. Pregnant women are also harmed by lead poisoning, which can impair fetal development. In addition, adults who are exposed to lead-based paint may develop nerve damage, impaired coordination, and various other health problems.

In 2009, the state of New York established a new Task Force on the Prevention of Childhood Lead Poisoning—demonstrating the fact that this is an ongoing concern in our state. A variety of federal, state, and municipal laws and regulations address issues related to lead poisoning. Thus, if you know or suspect that you or your children are victims of lead poisoning, you should consult a New York personal injury firm with experience in handling lead poisoning cases. Landlords, day care operators, construction site owners, or other entities may be legally responsible for your injuries, and you may be able to get compensation for the resulting harm to you or your child.

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